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Can Cisco Break Out to New Highs on Earnings?

Cisco Systems is bubbling just below its prior 2020 high. A good earnings report could propel the stock over it or it could hammer it lower.
Ruining the CFPB Would Put Our Money at Risk

Washington is battling over who runs the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. So here's a look at what this relatively young agency does for your money. Without it, we'd suffer huge vulnerabilities.
Trending Market News Tuesday: Amazon Builds in Detroit

Amazon will build a $400 million 3.8 million square foot distribution distribution center on the Michigan State Fairgrounds.
What Pandemic? Smash Mouth Performs to Packed Crowd

Pandemic? What pandemic? Smash Mouth performed to a crowd that appeared to be hundreds, if not thousands, strong at a South Dakota biker rally on Sunday, Rolling Stone reports. Other musical acts including Buckcherry, Lit, Quiet Riot, Reverend Horton Heat, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, and .38 Special are set to appear at...
Schwarzenegger-Pratt Family Just Got Bigger

A new celebrity baby has entered the world: Katherine Schwarzenegger, 30, gave birth to her first child, a daughter, with husband Chris Pratt, 41, reports People . It's actually the second child for Pratt, who has a son, 7-year-old Jack, with former wife Anna Faris. New uncle Patrick Schwarzenegger confirmed the...
Trump's Surprise Decision on Healthcare Might Send Your Insurance Premium Up 25%

Trump is now trying to dismantle Obamacare by executive order. Here's how the decision it will affect your bottom line.
It's Time to End the Social Security Number

Social Security numbers create convenience at the expense of enormous risk. It's time for them to go.
10 Best High-Paying Jobs for Americans Abroad

Looking to build your career and make some money around the world? Try one of these ten careers.
W-2 seems wrong. Does my employer owe me money?

Without pay stubs, you still can check the math on your W-2. Here's what you can do.
Who owned the chemicals that blew up Beirut? No one will say

By Maria Vasilyeva, Lisa Barrington and Jonathan Saul MOSCOW/DUBAI/LONDON (Reuters) - In the murky story of how a cache of highly explosive ammonium nitrate ended up on the Beirut waterfront, one
Quiz: How Many Dog Breeds Do You Know?

How well do you know the different varieties of man's best friend?
Should you cancel an unused credit card?

Closing a credit card may not be a smart move. Take these three steps before deciding.
White House, congressional Democrats go fourth day without coronavirus talks

By David Morgan WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A stalemate between the Republican White House and congressional Democrats over coronavirus relief ended in a fourth day without talks on Tuesday, with each
How Kamala Harris found the political identity that had eluded her

By James Oliphant WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Months after her presidential campaign collapsed amid questions over her political identity, Kamala Harris suddenly and forcefully found her voice – and at a
The Big Money Index Is Overbought

Markets are very overbought but can stay very overbought for weeks. The key is to watch for when the data changes.
Full-Service Broker Definition

A full-service broker is a broker that provides a large variety of services to its clients, including research and advice, retirement planning, and more.
Happy 60th, Antonio Banderas, the Pandemic Got You a 'Gift'

Antonio Banderas is the latest celebrity to test positive for COVID-19, the actor confirms via Instagram . The revelation comes on a big day for the Spaniard: "I wanted to make it public that today, 10 August, I am forced to celebrate my 60th birthday in quarantine, after testing positive for...
Elliott Wave Theory Definition

The Elliott Wave Theory is a technical analysis toolkit used to predict price movements by observing and identifying repeating patterns of waves.
Cops Draw Guns on Black Teens Who Called for Help

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department is investigating an incident last week in which three teens, two of whom are Black, called 911 to report an attack—and ended up getting guns drawn on them by the deputies who responded. The teens were sitting at a Santa Clarita bus stop...
5 vital tips for first-time homebuyers

Take these steps to smooth the homebuying process, especially if you're a rookie.
Must I wait 5 years to withdraw Roth IRA earnings?

You do have to wait five years to get at the earnings, but you still have options.
Find out: What is a VA loan?

Buying a home? Find out if a VA loan is right for you.
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Cops Had to Rescue Lost Singer on His Own Property
It's funny now, not so much at the time. Country singer Kane Brown is poking a little fun at himself by recounting how he "got lost in my back yard" and had to be rescued by police. It's a quite a tale. Brown explains that he recently bought a property... More >
Latest News
Experts Paint Eyes on Cow Butts—and It Works
Want to save cattle from predatory attacks? First, paint eyeballs on their butts. Then see what happens. That's pretty much the gist of a new study out of Botswana—and it worked, Happy Mag reports. Researchers at the University of South Wales painted the eyes on cow butts to stop... More >
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